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You’re stuck, and it sucks

Right now, work is being reinvented all over the world. And what I see is too many mid-career leaders struggling to feel alive in a place that just doesn’t fit anymore. If that’s you, I bet you’re re-thinking where, how, and why you work.



Feeling stuck, lost, and unsure of what to do?


Feeling uninspired and unmotivated in your job?


Wanting to achieve more, do more, and be more?


Trying to come up with a plan for the next step in your career?


Going through change - whether that’s a new role, restructuring, or a career pivot?


Struggling with imposter syndrome and wondering how to feel confident again?


Being passed over for promotions or receiving poor performance evaluations?

Making change and getting real about your work starts with your VALUES

Isn’t it time you felt calm, peaceful, supported, and happy in your work, and your life? Shifting your thinking begins with finding a safe, judgment-free zone where you can actually be yourself.

When you get candid feedback and real-life experience to help you make your big moves you define a clear path to find your greatness.



Get someone on YOUR team for an unbiased, outside perspective


Cut through the BS with candid feedback that helps you get real about your career


Leverage real-life expertise so you don’t waste time with unproven methods


Access a structured (but FLEXIBLE) framework for success that is action-oriented


Take control of your career and achieve your greatness!

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Credible, real-life experience for exceptional results


Proven frameworks for clarity, accountability, and success

Guidance With Heart

Align your career with your values and find your true path


Choose your own adventure

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Discover your core values in 30 minutes or less. My straightforward values assessment helps you choose, evaluate, and rank your core values providing you with an effective list of what really matters to you.

Make your move

Career Transition Action Plans

Looking for a new job can feel like an overwhelming process. Whether you’ve just lost a job, aren’t satisfied in your current job, want something more, or you’re deciding to make a career change, it can seem like you’re navigating a black hole.​ I can be a guiding light to help you gain clarity on your career goals and lay out the steps to get you there.

Self-awareness = happiness

The Positive Intelligence Workshop

Learn the secret sauce that lets you tap into your positive, true self so you can handle life’s challenges and achieve your greatness. A 16-week mental fitness program that develops your mental muscles using proven neuroscience research and coaching for real and sustained change!

Let’s get real

Candid + Compassionate Leadership Coaching

My leadership coaching helps you look holistically at your career, and be more effective, productive, and motivated.

Get a trusted coach and advisor who advocates for you, your future, and your happiness.


Darren Kanthal

New Yorker at heart, Outdoors Adventurer, Empathetic and Candid Professional Coach

As an honorable and respectable New Yorker, it’s in my blood to bust people’s chops, be loud, direct, and abrupt. But somewhere along the way, these traits stopped serving me, and in fact, they held me back.

After losing a terrific job I enjoyed, I had to stop placing blame on everyone and everything else and start holding myself accountable.

After a lot of soul searching, studying, and admitting to my mom that she was right all along, I learned how to play the game of life in a more effective and compassionate way. I now use my experience of getting knocked down, brushing myself off, and growing as a human to guide you in avoiding the same mistakes I made.

With candor, humor, and my New York charm and heart, I’m here to go all-in with you and help you create YOUR values-driven career plan to build a life you’re proud of.

Darren’s clients are flourishing at companies including

It’s time to make your move.


Schedule a call with me and get clear on your values and goals


Together we create a values-driven and action-oriented career plan


Embrace change, grow as a leader, and achieve your greatness!

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